Allie’s 10 take aways from Social Media Class

Allie Swanson’s  Take Aways 1. You need to have social media as a means of communication in this day and age. 2. Most of the time…Short and Snappy Posts are better 3. Visual posts do very well as well because who doesn’t love a good ole sunset with puppies? 4. Females are more long term relationalContinue reading “Allie’s 10 take aways from Social Media Class”

Barbs 10 Take Aways FROM Social Media –

The combination of public relations with Social Media provides Harmony.    “The best kind of post for Facebook are recaps of the big events and content that ties it all together.” – Dustin Evans (Tweet) 3. Effective blogger relations can be boiled down to simple rules: Rule #1: Follow, Listen, Interact and Rule #2: BeContinue reading “Barbs 10 Take Aways FROM Social Media –”

Pinterest or Thinterest? (Literature Review, Beckett)

Article Reviewed: Pinterest or Thinterest?: Social Comparison and Body Image on Social Media By Abbi Beckett Abstract This article describes an experimental study to measure the link between social media images, specifically those of fitness boards on Pinterest, and social comparison and body image of the viewer. It was discovered that individuals who follow moreContinue reading “Pinterest or Thinterest? (Literature Review, Beckett)”

The Double-Edged Sword (Caleb Jones) Literary Review

Evangel Social Media Class Article Reviewed: The Double-Edged Sword A Literary Review of the Double Edged Sword Caleb Jones Evangel University Ms. Melinda Booze April 4, 2016 Abstract Electronic media, especially social media, has become a large part of the journalistic world. It has created new challenges for journalists. Finding a way to be approachableContinue reading “The Double-Edged Sword (Caleb Jones) Literary Review”