Barbs 10 Take Aways FROM Social Media –

  1. The combination of public relations with Social Media provides Harmony.   harmony

  2. “The best kind of post for Facebook are recaps of the big events and content that ties it all together.” – Dustin Evans (Tweet)amazed

    3. Effective blogger relations can be boiled down to simple rules: Rule #1: Follow, Listen, Interact and Rule #2: Be a good storyteller. tumblr_inline_nkllonxqxn1r6curg

    4. Vine is a perfect platform for invitations to events, video teasers, new products, and how-to.


5. A great model for Social Communication is S0Me which stands for SHARE, OPTIMIZE, MANAGE, AND ENGAGE.


6.  Contagious content can be Intended to encourage communication, facilitating conversations for people with shared interests.  It can be experimental stories that people want to share.


7.  Iconsquare is great way to view the analytics of Instagram. Thanks Robin Strathdee for this new tool. (Tweet)


8.  Media serves us through this affects:

  • Entertainment
  • Escape
  • Inform
  • Socializing
  • Identification


9.  There are four quadrants of Public Relations: Media , Community, Government, Business.  Public relation practitioners should strive to incorporate all four quadrants into their daily activities to develop a higher level of strategic implementation.


10. Instagram can be used as a portfolio as long as its executed in a creative way.  You are so right Irene Kanthan! #thankyou



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