Allie’s 10 take aways from Social Media Class

Allie Swanson’s  Take Aways

1. You need to have social media as a means of communication in this day and age.

2. Most of the time…Short and Snappy Posts are better

3. Visual posts do very well as well because who doesn’t love a good ole sunset with puppies?

4. Females are more long term relational when they use social media, where as males want an ego boost when they post on social media.

5. A lot of people use social media as a way of avoiding confrontation or social awkwardness. This is causing a strain on personal conversation and communication skills.

6. There are many emotional triggers that cause people to post on social media. (excitement, anger, contentment, humor, awe, fear, happiness, anxiety, sadness, surprise, digest, envy)

7. Different cultures use social media in different ways

8. People are constantly looking for identification throughout all sources of social media.

9. SoMe model for social communication- share, optimize, manage, engage

10. Blogs are still a predominant form of communication



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