Top 5 Takeaways from Social Media Class

Top 5 Takeaways from Social Media Class


By Caleb Jones

  1. 80-20 Rule
    1. Only 20% of your social media content should be your organization’s message. For every one thing you post about your organization, you should post four things from outside sources.
  2. Content Should be Goal Oriented
    1. All content, regardless of platform, should be centered around achieving organizational goals
  3. Measuring Results is Key
    1. Measurement in social media is key to getting results. You need to know the effects of your content on your audience
  4. Each Social Media Platform Serves a Different Purpose
    1. It is important to choose the right social media platform for your organization’s message. It is also important to know how to create content specifically for each type of social media.
  5. Social Media Can be a Tool for the Church
    1. After we had the special speaker who worked in the church doing social media my eyes were opened as to how social media can be used in the church. It can be a huge asset and do great things for churches that are willing to use it.



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