Top 5 Take Aways – Youngblood

  1. Sorry, but there is such a thing as too many hashtags! It makes your whole post confusing and is just an overkill. #stopitnow #saveusfromthehashtags #itsgettingridiculous

tv friends jimmy fallon fallontonight jonah hill


2. Social media can enhance our relationships, but if used too much or in the wrong way, it can destroy our relationships even though we may feel we are being “social.”

the it crowd reaction itmine


3. A good majority of Americans say they receive their news via social media. Well, why not? It’s right on their phone (or computer) and then they can share it and gripe about it online so all their friends can see! *types angrily*

typing working


4. Show your authenticity, be honest, and let your voice be heard! (Just make sure you’re not screaming at people like Dwight here…)

angry the office screaming dwight


5. Be authentic, have fun and laugh, and above all, listen to your audience! But seriously though, laugh and have fun or you’ll bore everybody…Be more like Olan Rogers!

clapping olan rogers olan


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