Top Ten Takeaways

Social Media Pic By Adam Kyle

  1. The 80/20 Rule

This has been huge when posting with my business. I really worked hard to not force products or advertisements into news feeds, but share general interest to create traffic. The next step for me will be creating a posting schedule that divides product related posts and non-product related posts.

  1. Join the Conversation

I never really thought about social media as a conversation, but now that I have, I can’t help but thinking that way. This semester I tried hard to engage users with information relevant to them, to make sure Kyle Insurance was part of the conversation. It is an ongoing process, and I hope to build up more of a interaction base.

  1. Post Often!

It never really occurred to me that posting often was the key to being in the conversation. This semester we posted on our main page several times a week. When I have an even more steady news source, I’d like to post one or two times a day.

  1. Analytics Matter

I had no idea how big these were. I’ve watched all semester as our page reaches, engagements, and followers grew. The next step is joining Hootsuite so I can manage all at once.

  1. Snapchat is Somehow Cool

Color me shocked. I never figured this app would explode like it did. I certainly never assumed it had a place in the business world. This is one platform I don’t use and never have used. The 65 and older crowd probably doesn’t care about my selfies with ten thousand filters. However, for the future, I do see the opportunity to reach potential Life Insurance clients my own age.


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