Top 10 Takeaways from Class

Here are some key thoughts that I have compiled from my time in my social media communication class. 1.Everything posted will come back to you. Don’t take social media advice from this guy. 2. Social Media can have global impacts. Like the #bringbackourgirls campaign concerning the children kidnapped from Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram 3.Continue reading “Top 10 Takeaways from Class”

Top 10 Social Media Takeaways

1. Hashtags are a must.  2. Utilize all social media outlets- they all have their perks. 3. Have no time? Hootsuite to the rescue. 4. The internet doesn’t forget- don’t post something you don’t want to haunt you.  5. Timing of posts matter. 6. Graphics make statements. 7. Make your audience laugh and keep themContinue reading “Top 10 Social Media Takeaways”

10 Takeaways – Sydnei Farless

Analytics can help improve your business by gaining knowledge about what is going on behind the scenes of your business account. Not responding to your audience in bad situation can result in losing most of your audience. Use hash tags on twitter. Don’t ignore your audience. Analytics are important. YouTube reaches more people than TV channels.Continue reading “10 Takeaways – Sydnei Farless”

Social Media for Dummies: My Top 10 Takeaways

1. Know where to post Knowing what platform aligns with your content is crucial! If you’re trying to create a sneak peak photography portfolio, Instagram might be preferable over Twitter not only because it is geared towards visuals but because of the community that comes with it! 2. Make your posts relatable Who is goingContinue reading “Social Media for Dummies: My Top 10 Takeaways”

Top 10 Takeaways

As a social media manager, you are wearing many hats in relation areas – community, media, government, business. 2. Visual is best. 3. The Circular Model: share, optimize, manage, engage. 4. Authenticity is key. 5. Use the tools available to you – hootsuite, tweetdeck, etc. 6. Be consistent with your brand. 7. ASK WHY. Why do people care about your brand?Continue reading “Top 10 Takeaways”