Top 10 Takeaways – Matt Entsminger

  1. Social media is a two-way relationship. Don’t expect to receive engagements without giving something first. 


  2. Don’t use more than two hashtags. giphy (5)
  3. Ask “Why would they care & why would they share.” This makes sure you’re posting relevant content.giphy
  4. Keep your videos short. Under two minutes is the best.giphy1
  5. Post for Engagements. Similar to #3, post things that will make your audience want to engage with you.images (2)
  6. Be aware of what quadrant of social media you are in. Untitled picture
  7. Use influencers to your advantage.
  8. Facebook is king.giphy2
  9. Have a plan for a viral crisis. justiceforbradswife
  10. Hootsuite can save you.hootsuite

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