Potter’s House; A Hidden Gem

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Madi Johnson, Laramy Hankins and Vivien Smith.

Our group, #teamcoffee, chose to show off the hidden gem, Potter’s House. We used Laramy’s Twitter account to create buzz about the coffee shop through varied kinds of tweets, from regular text to pictures to polls.

Our goal was to promote the coffee shop and inspire them to visit it with enticing pictures of coffee that PoHo (short for Potter’s House) serves. We tweeted pictures of yummy coffee with relatable captions such as “Coffee is the best study buddy”. Our goal here was to get someone thinking about studying and wanting to study with coffee at PoHo.

We also pulled pictures from the coffee shop’s Facebook to show their products, such as Chai Tea and a Banana Cream drink. With those tweets we used clever captions such as “Chai Chai slide” and “Because this week was bananas”.

We scheduled our content over Tweetdeck and had one tweet go out every day for a week, so as not to overwhelm our audience. The most engagement we got on our tweets was 4 likes. We averaged around 3-4 for the 7 tweets that we posted. Part of the problem that we ran into while promoting this hidden gem was we had a very small audience to promote it to. Laramy only has 172 followers. In addition, our content was not directed at the correct audience. Laramy normally tweets about hunting or fishing, so his audience was not one that would relate well to a coffee shop.

In the future we would better assess our audience better, putting out content that they would relate to and engage with. However, we would use the same method of varied types of tweets, as well as scheduling the content regularly.






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