Top 10 Takeaways- Madi Johnson

  1. WHY? Why would my audience care? Why would they share my post? Why should this be posted?giphy3
  2. Hashtags are important. Hashtags can be identifiers and help users find your posts by searching your hashtag. #HelpfulHint  giphy4
  3. Analytics make it easier to understand what specific audiences need to be targeted. giphy5
  4. Humor draws in an audience. giphy6
  5. Hootsuite is a useful tool for scheduling Tweets.giphy7
  6. Build your own brand. Make your content represent YOU. Your brand will bring in a similar target audience.giphy8
  7. Engagements. They aren’t as cool as wedding engagements, but it’s still pretty exciting when you get one. giphy9
  8. Statistically, Females post more often than Males.giphy10
  9. Social Media Crisis can take place at any time. giphy11
  10. Facebook and Twitter are the most “age friendly” forms of social media.giphy12

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