Vivien Smith’s Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Be authentic. No body likes fake people, so be real with what you’re posting. Don’t force it too much!


2. Sometimes its just best to take what you’re given! Use the in house analytics of each site, they are usually more accurate. Like Facebook analytics or Tweetdeck!


3. Before you post ask “WWJD?”. Just kidding…ask WHY! (well you could ask WWJD too). Asking why helps you identify what you are trying to achieve by posting.


4. You must have cat-like reflexes! Social Media is going on all the time and things happen fast, so you have to be prepared! Respond quickly to direct messages and replies to your content, especially if it is negative. You have to be the own to write the story in a positive light; Don’t let someone else do it for you!


5. Scheduling posts, whether that be through Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, or another similar program, saves LOADS of time. You can spread out your content evenly, see how it looks and make sure it is posted at prime engagement times. Now when you go online you can focus on interacting with others, instead of worrying about what to post.


6. Don’t just post one kind of content, mix it up! Followers like to see a variety of things, so throw in some pictures, videos, polls etc.!


7. ENGAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT, ENGAGEMENT! It’s not all about the ring by spring, or in this case the likes. Its about responses. You want people to add to the conversation and to take action because of what you post.


8. Once you get people to engage in what you’re posting, this is your opportunity, TAKE IT! Further the conversation, interact with followers and continue to show them why they should believe in the product or mission you are trying to promote.


9. Be consistent with the name you have across all the platforms you use. One username makes sure that people can find you more easily!


10. Use relevant hashtags! Make sure the ones that you’re using have other posts attached to them, but that they have to do with what you’re posting. And only use up to two per post.



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