Top Ten Take Aways

  1. Using Facebook Ad Groups
    1. You can use Facebook’s Demographic Analytics to create a save your market groups.
    2. cat
  2. Tracking Trends
    1. You have to know what is going on to be a part of it.
      1. giphyjk
    1. Just because not many read them doesn’t mean it doesn’t help you be seen.
  4. Quality Content is the best way to be seen
    1. Content is king.
  5. Know your audience
    1. 3
  6. It’s all about timing
    1. If it’s not trending nobody cares.
  7. It’s a two way relationship
    1. Listen and speak!
      1. Social Media.jpg
  8. Consistent Branding
    1. Be who you are consistently.
    2. giphyo
  9. Key Words Change
    1. If something changes, ADAPT!
  10. Be Authentic
    1. People can tell when someone is genuine.

Laramy Hankins


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