Top 10 Social Media Concepts

In an ever-changing world of technology it seems as the social media has endured evolutionary processes more than any other facet of media. Although mastering social media can be very difficult, once familiar with it, it can be a very important tool in advertising your business and connecting with customers. Here are the top 10 concepts to remember when embarking on a social media campaign.

  1. Demographics are more specific than you think.Decatur Public Library      Decatur Public Library

When considering what audience you want to reach you might think you simply need to decide on age and gender and that might be it. Instead, your demographics should be much more narrow. Think age, gender, race, social status, etc. when figuring out demographics.

2.There’s a difference between metrics and analytics.Adaptive InsightsAdaptive Insights

If you’ve ever worked with social media you’ve probably heard the words metrics and analytics when talking about statistics (and you probably thought they were one in the same). This couldn’t be further from the truth. First, you must measure your statistics and record them (metrics). Then, you must analyze those statistics and put them to work on your campaign.

  1. Metrics and analytics are very important.MentionMention

Knowing the difference between metrics and analytics is only half the battle. They just so happen to be the two most important facets in improving your social media campaign. Metrics provide you with the vital information that you need to know what about your campaign is working and what isn’t. But first, you must analyze those metrics to find out what is growing (or shrinking) your social media following.

  1. Social media is relevant in all industries.MOBEMOBE

You may think that you pretty much have to be involved in marketing to use social media. That is anything but true. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether it be sales, communications, food, or even theology just to name a few, you too can utilize social media to promote your business.

  1. Today, comments are worth more than likes.NARINARI

Used to be, on the majority of social media platforms, if you could get likes you could expect to see your reach expand. Today, that is no longer true. These days, comments are the premium real estate when it comes to expanding your reach.

  1. Video is king.AdweekAdweek

Social media experts agree that video is the future of social and will continue to be the best way to reach social media users. When posting, try to find something that moves. If not a video try entertaining followers with a gif when your post only involves text.

  1. The more you post, the more people you have the potential to reach.Drake CooperDrake Cooper

This one may seem pretty easy to grasp, but some social media strategists don’t necessarily pay attention to this fact. Obviously, the more you most, the more there is out there for viewers to see. But, the more things there are for people to see, the more likely the chance that someone shares what you’re posting and the more likely more people will follow your business.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of social media.World social media networkUMI

The social media world is a powerful place. Everything you post can be seen, somehow, by anyone at any time. Don’t forget this. Not only can social media be an extremely powerful tool to promote your business and help you gain customers, it can just as easily have the opposite affect. Just as a well-thought-out post will help your business in a positive manner, a poor post can hurt you even more.

  1. Stricter privacy is becoming an important part of social song birdSocial Songbird

Americans seem to have a thirst to be seen. This could be the main reason why the idea of social media was conceived in the first place. Although it is contradictory, we Americans are also obsessed with privacy. Since some of us want our entire lives flaunted on the internet for all to see, we want to be able to control who can see these things and what businesses can access our information. Because of this, the European Union has planned to roll out a program called GDPR (general data protection regulation) that will prevent websites from tracking its citizens.

  1. Internet trolling is a serious problem.trollTechRepublic

We’ve all heard of them. Prowling around the vast endlessness of the internet searching for something, anything, to make fun of. These “trolls” have taken a toll on the outlook of the internet and have even caused regulations on advertising. Because of the break out of the new meme culture, Facebook has made it extremely difficult for you to run an add if it is a picture that contains more than 20 words in it.

The internet is a wonderful place and today it is all but run by the world of social media. Everyone wants to get ahead in life, but hey, social media isn’t for everyone. If you are going to embark on an intensive social media journey, or even plan to dabble in it, just remember, everyone is watching. Keep this, and all these other concepts, in mind as you begin your journey.


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