Top 10 Takeaways



  1. Choose Your Platforms wisely

When organizations are deciding which platforms to utilize for their business it is important for them to look at where their audiences are. This will allow businesses to reach their target audience through that social media platform.


2. Who is your audience?

It is important for businesses to research and decide which group of people they are wanting to target. This can be decided through demographics, current customers, and other metrics to find which group of people want to support that organization.


3. Is anyone there?

Social Media Presence. It is important for organizations to produce content daily on their platforms. No one is attracted to a boring, barely functioning platform. Grab the audience’s attention and keep feed alive and interactive.


4. Use the Triggers

When creating content for a platform, businesses can utilize popular trends or holidays to boost feed interaction. This is a great way to connect with audience values.


5. What’s the point?

Don’t just post to post! Make sure to create interesting and purposeful content. Businesses social media accounts should tell the brands story, from missions to product or service.


6. Alert! New Message

As a business it is important to be aware of followers interaction with content. Respond back and interact with the audience! Also, stay on top of direct message responses. Businesses should be responding to followers messages within 24 hours to have the best customer service.


7. Hoot Hoot

With so many platforms with different types of content and interaction, it is hard to keep track of it all. Hootsuite is an amazing tool that can save a businesses social media manager. Through Hootsuite, businesses can post to all platforms and also track platform metrics.


8. Always Analyzing

With special features through Hootsuite and apps business can access analytics to see how their social media platforms are performing. This is a great way to track which content builds engagement, and see how platforms are performing.


9. Make it FUN

No one wants to see boring, bland, buy me content. Make posts interactive and fun! Don’t be afraid to show the businesses goofy side and create connections with customers.


10. Evaluate

When it is all said and done, it is good to sit down and look to see how social media has affected the business. Look for ways of improvement and see what went really well!

By: Madison Proben


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