10 Takeaways (Anna Moyer)

  1. Social Media is constantly changing

Looking at new social media tools can help gain more followers, and use new tools to promote new content of a business. 


2. Listen to your followers

Seeing where followers engage in and respond to can provide a company with feedback. Looking at the analytics of followers responses can help generate content that followers  want to see. 


3. Remind through triggers

A company can create emotion through the content advertised. This can be done through relevant content promoted on social media. 


4. Nurture the relationship

By engaging in meaningful conversations, you can create relationships with followers. This can create a personal touch to the brand of the company. 


5. Watch what you post on your personal social media accounts

Posting positive content on your personal social media accounts shows followers, and your brand of company that you are trustworthy and responsible outside of working for the company. 


6. Create a brand hashtag

Research what hashtags are in use. This creates fresh content, that is accurate to what is relating to your brand. 


7. Create brand personality

Create a brand personality that shows who your company is. This displays your goals and objectives. This means creating the talk you want to have communicated to your followers. 


8. Posting engaging images 

Post attention grabbing images that create interaction with followers. This means posting relevant topic images. 


9. Work out problems/ possibilities 

Learn what works and what does not work with your followers. Set goals that go along with the possibilities of what is working create engagement with followers. 


10. Develop identity 

Establish the objectives of the content shared on social media. Use posts to promote new promotions in the company. Showcase who your company is through the content shared on social media. 


11. Have a positive impact on world issues

Create helpful information in the content to followers by promoting through positivity. 


12. Learn what type of content is best for each social media

Seeing what content gets response on each social media platform based on the conversation that is produced through the content shared. 


13. Have contests on social media

See what promotions will do through advertising through the trigger of response. Create giveaways through the response on social media platforms.


14. Be authentic and honest 

Provide real information that creates an authentic conversation through the responses. Be completely honest in the promotions, providing the entire deal.


15. Connection drives action

Create connection through the area of the company. This creates unity through encouraging followers to take action of following through what the promotion of the content tells of. 




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