10 Takeaways For Social Media Success

The Rules have Change Since Russia’s Interference

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Things are changing in social media because of the 2016 election. Social media is a powerful tool used to influence people. The Russians knew this when they interfered with the election. Since then Facebook has made it’s rules stricter over approving religious and political content. Plan to wait 48 hours for that kind of content to be approved for posting.

Get to Know Your Demographics

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Don’t assume that your demographics on Facebook are going to be the same as your demographics on Twitter. Different people use different platforms for different things. Do your research.

Have A Different Goal for Each Channel

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Each channel is different so your goal for each channel should be different. You can’t expect to get the same results on each platform. Have a specific plan for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Hint: Facebook usually gets the most traffic.

Posts That Just Tell People to Buy Things Gets Lower Engagement

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People don’t want to just scroll through their feed and look at posts telling them to buy stuff. That’s a good way to get your posts unfollowed and make people upset. Try to think up posts about your brand that will increase engagement, not just get people to buy things. Think fun facts, videos, cool pictures, etc.

Boosting Posts Does Work

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A little money can go a long way. Ir you’re not willing to put some money behind it, you’re not going to get a very far reach. Take $5 or $10 and give your info an initial boost. Make sure the content is worth it though. No one wants to see promoted content that’s not good.

Facebook Prioritizes Comments Over Likes

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Likes are great but they are not going to get you far with the Facebook algorithm. Facebook gives priority to comments instead of just likes. Make your post something worth talking about.

Know What Your Company Wants

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First things first, what does your company want out of social media? Engagement? Promotion? Community? clarify exactly what the expectations are and make a few suggests of your own.

Keep Track of Your Metrics

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Most companies don’t care if you have a picture that looks really cool, they want the numbers. Know your metrics so you can show concrete results.

Facebook is Responsive, Twitter is Proactive

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On Facebook you are mostly just putting content out there for your audience to react to. There is more engagement, more person-to-person communication. Be ready to respond fast, people expect a response 60 minutes.

Surround Yourself With Peers

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Finally, learn from those around you! Surround yourself who are in this business! Through questions out to your network. They could tell you what worked and what didn’t. Make sure that you do the same for them as well.


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