Top 10 Takeaways

1. Social Media is powerful


Social media is a great tool to help you interact and engage with your community while building brand loyalty and humanizing your brand

2. Times are changing 


Social media algorithms and privacy policies are changing. Reviewing these changes is crucial for future social media use.

3. Choose your platforms carefully


Find out what social media platforms your audience is already on. Meet them where they are instead of making them come to you.

4. Always make a plan


Good social media does not happen by accident. Make a plan and adjust if necessary.

5. Start with research     


You will always have to back up your plan with research. Do the research to gain credibility with your employers.

6. Don’t ignore your analytics 


Analytics can be a useful tool to help you better target your audience. You can see detailed

7. Make sure your personal accounts align with who you are.


It is important to make sure what you are putting on your personal social media aligns with your values and the values of your employer.

8. Visuals are important


Pictures and video are a great way to get your audience’s attention. The world is more visual today than ever.

9. Don’t forget to listen


It is important to listen to your audience and your competitors. You can see what others are doing that might work for you.

10. Take advantage of Hootsuite


Being able to schedule your posts ahead of time is a huge advantage. Hootsuite allows you do do this along with many other convenient applications.


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