Top 10 Takeaways

  1. The Power of Social Media 1 listicle  I have learned that social media is so powerful it can bring friendship among strangers. I will try to create friendships, partnerships, and long lasting relationships through social media
  2. Analytics are Important 2 listicle One must study their analytics because this will help their company grow if used to advantage.
  3. Metrics a.k.a the basics 3 listicle Metrics are the hard facts, the numbers, the nuts and bolts. Metrics are needed to help calculate ones success.
  4. Know you goals & know your audience 4 listicle Before a person should start measuring, they should should know their audience and their goals.
  5. Check your sources 5 listicle A person should not depend on Facebook or other sites where anybody can post anything as a reliable source of news. Do not fall into the trap of unreliable sources.
  6. Social media can serve multiple purposes 6 listicle Social media does not have to be just for attracting more customers for a person’s business, it can be used to curate speakers at a conference and other great things.
  7. Staying Active on Social Media 7 listicle To do good for your business one must stay active on social media. Interacting with customers shows how much you care as well.
  8. Social media goals should match business goals 8 listicle What are you trying to accomplish? Have specific goals for each channel and measure success based on these goals.
  9. What are followers? 9 listicle How many people choose to see your content. Followers are essential, this is how you create a fan base of your work through your following.
  10. What are engagements? 10 listicle Reactions, comments, shares (very telling metrics) This is essential because this is how you can tell if people are enjoying what you are promoting.

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