Top 10 Takeaways Hannah Blattner

1.) The Power of being SMART- on social media remember to be smart about what you post in the literal sense and acromion sense: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely.

SMART image


2.) Facebook Boost- Facebook like many other social media platforms allows you to boost your content after investing a small amount of money and it has reached a certain amount of engagements. betty-white-facebook-the-twitter

3.) Pinterest Pays- Being an influencer on social media pays even on Pinterest, who knew?

Social Media Logotype Background

4.) People are Important- Don’t be self-centered when creating content, just because you like it and it would grab your attention doesn’t mean it would have the same effect on the intended audience.


5.) Engagement- Content should be influenced by what type of engagement you would like from the audience.


6.) Make a Plan- When trying to better your business’ social media or anything in life you’d like to better, make a plan of how and what you will do to make those improvements and stick to it.


7.) Tracking the Audience- If you are a social media manager and you are trying to track information regarding millennials and generation Z, good luck it will seem like there is no pattern whatsoever and this is probably true but keep tracking and maybe something will look consistent one day.


8.) Social Media is always watching- A user of social media should always be thinking when composing a post for social media, how the post will be interpreted, who the intended audience is, who may see the post it originally was not intended for, how the post can influence the future, etc. 6357836976311387191120291077_watch20yourself


9.) Hootsuite is CHALLENGING- Hootsuite is a great website to use for tracking and running a social media account but it is not as easy as it looks and a user can easily get lost in their many features when first using their website but with time and practice you get the hang of it.hootsuite

10.) Make Money- In this industry you have to invest money into your own product to receive a profit so in a way you have to buy to sell.



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