Top 10 Takeaways

1. Interact with your audience!


Interaction with you audience it key! This is how you build relationships with the people that follow your page/organization. Follow, like, and COMMENT on posts from others. Building a relationship with your followers makes them more comfortable to engage your page. Soon they will be the ones liking, following and commenting back!

2. Follow, Follow, Follow!


An important part of getting started on a social media account is following other accounts. You have take the initiative to follow others first. If you don’t follow people then people won’t know about your account. You have to put yourself out there in order to get the results you want! Don’t worry if they don’t follow you immediately back, get your account started, put some content up,  and there is a much better chance they will follow you back.

3. You must Post!


This may be an obvious one, but if you want to grow your account then you have GOT TO POST! You can’t have a successful social media account if you are not putting content out there. From experience, it is easy to post a lot in the beginning and then fizzle out the longer you have the account. Don’t fizzle out. Maintain and continue posting on your account. Add a variety of content on your account and switch it up between words, pictures, and videos.

4. Videos Draw Attention


Videos are eye catching. They draw people in. Espically if they are funny. Be intentional with the details that you put in your videos. Also, pay attention to the length of the video. If it is too long, people might lose interest and click away. Keep it simple, inspirational, interesting, funny, and a good length.

5. Be Careful With Your Content


It is so important to be carful with what you put out on the internet. It is easy to share pictures, thoughts, or ideas that may seem harmless now, but later may be a much bigger deal. Think before posting. Employers and schools look at social media before hiring/ accepting people. Make sure your content reflects your values.

6. Make Your Audience Laugh


Funny content draws the people in. I am so much more likely to follow an account if they make me giggle a little. You can always incorporate a little into humor posts. However, it is important to be appropriate with the humor you use. If there is a national disaster or a tragedy happening in the world, don’t joke about it. You will lose followers. Make your account interesting and add some funny in here and there. Memes are always a good way to get peoples to laugh.

7. Pictures Are Worth More Than Words


Pictures are powerful as well as eye-catching. People are so much more likely to scroll past a  paragraph of words than they are an interesting, cute, funny, or serious picture. Even if the picture has words on it, it is like more eye grabbing than a bunch of words. Use pictures in creative ways to inform and entertain your audience.

8. Schedule Out Your Posts


Since posting on social media is a seemingly quick and simple task, it can be easy to say, “Oh, I’ll just post later.” Wrong. Don’t do that. Use Hootsuite or other reminders and scheduling applications to plan out each post and the exact time of posting. It is so easy to get busy in your day and forget to post. Set some time aside each week to plan out what you will post each day of the week, a specific time to post it, and stick to it!

9. Boosting A Post Can Make It Go Far


Paying a little bit of money to have your post boosted can make your post go farther and reached by a much bigger audience. It is good to boost important posts. It isn’t necessary to boost all of your posts. Be intentional and boost posts about specific event or important information. The more people see this post not only will the know see the information on the post, but the more people that will will know about your account as well!

10. Partner Uptenor-1.gif

Partner up and utilize organizations or companies similar to yours to partner up with. Share their posts and have them share yours too. Plug some PR for each other as well. Interact with their social media accounts and banter back and forth with theirs. Show your audiences your relationship you will likely both benefit from it.


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