Top 10 Takeaways! – Daneisha Jones

  1. The Listening Phase

This phase was easily applied in the first steps of understanding our target audience. This allowed us to understand who our demographic was and how to engaged with them.


2. Mission Statement

The mission statement was our foundation. It is easy to plan our content when we have a reason behind our posting. It allowed us to set goals.


3. Influencers

This was not necessarily applied, but it was something I took notice of. This strategy would have helped to push engagement on posts and the reach of people.


4. Goals

Setting goals are vital in social media management. This strategy helped the focus of the organization. Goals follow the mission statement.



This strategy is necessary for all platforms. Specific. Measurable. Achievable. Relevant. Timely. These phrases have to be taken into account in order for posts and engagement to flow efficiently.


6. Social Media Voice

This strategy was applied in our captions when it came to phrasing and tone of the caption or post. It can be hard for the audience to understand the voice behind a post/caption so to establish that voice is vital. It would be helpful to research that during the listening phase.


7. Audience

This is the result of the listening phase. We are able to understand who we are reaching and why it affects them. This played into the times we posted and what we posted.


8. Strategies

As Kim said it, “Essentially, strategies are the ways or approach in which a campaign will effectively work toward reaching objectives.” I would say this also follows the mission statement and the listening phase.


9. Writing

What I was able to gather from social media writing is the number of exclamation marks used. I say that because there is a certain tone of voice that follows an exclamation mark. Now tones do not always come from a punctuation mark but I do believe it helps the tone.



This was obviously applied throughout this project. This allowed us to see our week in a bird’s eye view. We were able to schedule what we wanted to post and when we wanted to post it. Content calendars are vital to managing social networks.



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