Top 10 Takeaways by Hannah Sowers

  1. Know your audience:Understanding your target audience as well as taking a careful look into your demographic is key to increasing engagement and creating content catered to those you want to reach.
  1. Platform and Content type go hand in hand: Each platform offers something different.Therefore, cater your content to fit each platform and that will increase your engagement on each platform.

3. Posting times are key:Certain times of the day are more optimal for posting content to generate engagement.

  1. Internet postings are forever: Even if a post is later deleted, people on the internet could have saved, downloaded and shared your post. Be careful with what you post, it is forever.
  1. Analytics are important: Analytics can help you see what is working and what is not. Overall it is a great to tool to help SOMO managers create meaningful content
  1. Utilize SOMO tools like Hootsuite:Hootsuite is a great tool to organize, plan, share and post content to multiple social media accounts at once. Also, if you are short on time Hootsuite can take off some of the burden of remembering to post.
  1. Brand your personality/ create relationship:People like to feel special. By giving them personality and forming a relationship they tend to engage more.
  1. Video/ graphics are key: Video is the celebrity of the internet. Posts with video or graphics are was more popular and thus increase engagement.
  1. Short & straight to the point: SOMO is fast-paced. Don’t post unnecessary content. Less is more.
  1. Ad Boosting is key for boosting engagement reach:With the change in many SOMO algorithms, SOMO managers are utilizing ad boosting to either maintain their reach or increase it.

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