Courtney Wolfram Top 10 Takeaways

  1. S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
It’s important to use these objectives when working with company and their social media.

2. Social Media has a voice

Every brand has a specific persona and voice that they try to get across to their consumers.

3. Campaign Goals should be directed towards specific audiences

Campaign goals should be partnered with a strategic plan that is driven towards a purpose

4. Communication through social media should remain truthful and authentic at all times.

It’s important to remain authentic and understand social responsibility when it comes to posting on social media and running social media accounts.

5. Social Media efforts need to communicate and connect with a brand community

Social media campaigns have to be designed towards people and creating meaningful relationships between them.

6. Brands have to maintain Social Credibility

The public has a perception of each particular brand they are loyal to and if brands understand their social credibility that turns into brand loyalty.

7. Starting transparent coversations is what leads to greater engagement through social media.

Be transparent in how you speak on social media through your brand, social media is about building relationships.

8. Content Strategies are necessary in social media management

Knowing what you will post and why you are doing it is important in managing social media.

9. Identify what others businesses like yours do and learn from them

It’s important to use social listening as a tool in understanding what like minded businesses do in terms of social media, it’s good to learn from others.

10. A brand should always listen, seek to understand, and prepare meaningful communication with their brand community

The core component of social media will always be people: understanding and interacting with them in a meaningful way.

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