Top 10 Takeaways

Developing your brand voice

  • This is how brands portray themselves, for instance we started posting for Architect coffee co, doing this has shown me how they developed their social media persona.


  • Using hashtags boots engagement, so when posting for Architect we used local coffee shops for reference or local hashtags which increased their followers.
Keeping your captions short and sweet
  • People don’t take time to sit and read a whole paragraph, keeping it short and sweet intrigues followers and allows space for a connection.

What times of day to post

  • Architects posts are normally during the day while every ones working or not on their phones, posting at around 9 is the most interaction.


  • Using the analytics setting on your Instagram shows what kind of people look at your posts and how many likes your posts average.

Utilizing Instagram stories

  • A lot of people just look at Instagram stories now instead of actually scrolling through their feed, Instagram Stories are a fun useful tool that businesses can use to boost their feed.

Setting goals for yourself

  • At the beginning before our partnership with Architect, we made a game plan for how many posts we were going to do a week and how many followers we were hoping to gain. Setting goals for yourself keeps you on track and gives you motivation to meet them.

Good quality links

  • Good quality links are helpful if you’re trying to sell a product. Customers want an easy access website to the product your advertising.


  • Different types of posts can boost engagement, utilizing the tools that Instagram provides, you can gain more follower interaction.

Finding your “why”

  • With every post we make we ask the question “why? What meaning does this post have?” Continuing to use this strategy should keep our feed relevant and interesting.

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