DeMareus’ Top 10 Takeaways

Build 2-way relationships that are mutually beneficial.

  • Social media is a platform that enables people to connect like they have never been able to before. Using social media to create and foster relationships that benefit both people or entities involved can create sustained success for your personal social media accounts and business pages as well.

connection gif


Your personal voice is a foundation of successful social media communication.

  • By being yourself on social media, you allow avenues for those 2-way relationships to be creating because you are curating content that is authentic and genuine, and this is what people want to see on their social media feeds. unique gif

Engage with others as you want to be engaged with.

  • Engaging with people on social media will undoubtedly cause people to want to engage with you. Liking, commenting and sharing other people’s posts will cause people to want to engage with your posts in the same manner as well, and again, this goes back to creating those 2-way relationships that drive brands’ success on social media.friends right gif

Build a community and not just a broadcast platform.

  • This also ties into the 2-way relationship takeaway, in that it shows that people should be looking to build communities and relationships on social media. Social media isn’t just a place for people to promote themselves, but it’s also an excellent way to connect with people who can influence you and make an impact on your life, and vice versa.

not broadcast platform gif

Thoughtfulness can make a difference in engagement.

  • Being thoughtful in what you post can create lasting effects on your social media profile. Posting content that your followers will be interested in will create engagements and interactions that can have a lasting impression on your followers, as opposed to just posting something meaningless in an effort to gain clout. thoughtfulness gif

Sports is an easy way for people to connect emotionally on social media.

  • Sports brings people from all types of different backgrounds together. With social media, sports brings people from all different types of backgrounds together instantly. Engaging with posts about your favorite sports team(s) can cause more engagements and traffic on your social media profile, and allows for relationships to be created with people you may have never connected with otherwise. sports fans gif

Facebook is still the largest social media platform…

  • Although it seems like no one but your grandma uses Facebook anymore, it is still the world’s number one social media platform. Being active and posting original content on Facebook allows you to reach the world’s biggest audience in terms of social media users. It is always beneficial to use platforms that allow you to reach as many people as possible. facebook gif

Speaking of Facebook…Video content is #1 on Facebook right now.

  • Video content is the #1 media content that Facebook promotes on people’s timeline’s (Facebook’s feeds are not in chronological order). Posting videos often, and vertical videos at that, allows for your profile to be viewed more than it would be if you posted a simple image or text post on Facebook. facebook video gif

Twitter is the least valuable platform for marketing purposes.

  • While posting a promotional video on Facebook may garner positive engagements and attention for you, doing the same thing on Twitter will not lead to the same type of success. Twitter is more useful for informational content, so staying away from marketing and promoting things on Twitter would be a good idea. twitter gif

Instagram stories are more engaging than actual Instagram posts.

  • Posting pictures on your Instagram story will lead to more people seeing it and interacting with it than if you were to post the same picture in a traditional Instagram post. Use this to your advantage and post original, thoughtful content that engages your followers and you should see success on your Instagram profile.instagram story gif

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