Morgan’s Top 10 Takeaways

1.Paying for advertising on Facebook versus other social media platforms can be very beneficial.

Facebook curates content based on its metric of relevance. This provides an opportunity for advertisers to take full advantage of the algorithm that facebook has. By paying for advertising content can be viewed longer.

2.Twitter is one of the hardest platforms to advertise on.

Anyone can post an advertisement on twitter; it does not have to be a business account. Twitter charges the advertiser based on the action taken. Because twitter does not have the same algorithm as facebook, advertisements can often get lost in tweets and be forgotten or unnoticed.

3.Use innovative ways to drive attention to content.

The key to effective advertising is posting content that people love. If people love dogs, then post content with dogs. It is wise to implement items or creatures that are positive; this derives positive views to one’s business.

4. Posting too much content too frequently can actually drive interactions away.

Statistics show that posting too much content on social media actually turns followers and viewers again. It is key to be strategic in when, what, and how much one posts in order to gain the most positive interaction.

5.Bulk posting through Hootsuite can be beneficial, however, some platforms are more effective when content is posted individually.

While Hootsuite does make peoples’ lives more efficient, some social media platforms actually do better when the post or content is created within the platform.

6.Some posts need time to be worked on. Speed is not always everything.

Posting content efficiently is important. However, if the content about to be posted is something individual and not a trend that will not be relevant, it is okay to take your time in creating the perfect caption.

7.Good things take time

It is important to remember that thousands of followers do not always come overnight. Analytics and a following can typically takes months to years to grow, so do not get discouraged if there is not substantial growth overnight.

8.Facebook has an algorithm. We know.

The new algorithm focuses on comments and sharing over likes and click throughs. Facebook is focusing more on user engagement than user viewing.

9. Hootsuite is cool.

Hootsuite is filled with several different benefits. There is bulk posting, campaigns, and it is great for team communication. This are only a few benefits, however Hootsuite is a great asset for companies.

10.As mentioned earlier, comments are more fun than likes on facebook.

People typically think that likes and followers are the most wanted aspects on facebook, however, they are wrong. Comments, comment reactions and replies, and shares are actually the most wanted because of their engagement.


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