Josiah’s Top Ten Takeaways

1. Being creative with content is important.

Posting the same exact type of content can bore your audience. Spice it up! Brainstorm with the team to come up with new exciting ideas!

2. Good relationships drive a good page on social media.

Without a good relationship with your audience, you will have trouble gaining trust and admiration from them! Be friendly and trustworthy.

3. Authenticity is key.

If you aren’t being authentic with your audience, you’re doing it wrong!

4. Fun helps win followers over.

Who doesn’t like fun? If you have a good time, then so will your audience.

5. Listening to your audience helps you to engage better with them.

The more you listen, the more you learn!

6. Having a plan is key.

Going into it willy nilly will not get you as far as you want.

7. Promoting a post can help you reach more people.

Promotion puts more eyes on your page! This leads to more engagement.

8. Taking advantage of a holiday can boost a post.

Holidays are popular. Take advantage and wish your audience a merry Christmas.

9. Trying to find out what the audience helps your page grow.

Listen to the audience and watch your page grow.

10. Pictures almost always help posts get more attention.

People like looking at pictures. By posting pictures you will get more of an audience.


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