MyAun Boyd’s Listicle

  1. Get ‘Reel’

Recently, video-centric social posts have gained popularity among social media consumers. Instagram Reels are quick clips that can be used to show off your brand and can help bring more awareness to your business. Currently, reels are pushed more by the Instagram algorithm, and are able to increase your views and followers.

2. Let’s talk creator accounts.

Rather than starting a business account on Instagram to keep track of all your social media metrics, get a creator account. A creator account gives you access to the same social media metrics, while also giving access to trending sounds.

3. 80/20 Rule

On social media, only 20% of your content should promote your brand, products, or services. The other 80% of your content should solve problems and provide value. The content should contain ideas, information, inspiration, and fun.

4. On the Merry Round We Go: carousel posts are the new way to gain more views.

Using Carousel Posts on Instagram can help gain more views on your post. With the Instagram algorithm, if a person doesn’t swipe through all the carousel post, Instagram will put it back at the top of their home page causing them to see your post again.

5. From beginning to the end social listening for the win!

Prior to planning out your strategy for your social media channels, research how consumers are responding to your brand currently. Be sure to also monitor engagement and the status of your competitors. This practice of social listening should occur on a quarterly or monthly basis, and especially after social media campaigns. This helps your brand stay relevant.

6. Engagement is key

Social media creates an opportunity for brands and their customers to have a relationship. Customers are able to feel apart of the brand through these channels. To maintain a loyal relationship with customers be sure to engage with them: like their posts, like and respond to their comments, talk with them via the social media message boards, etc.

7. Personalizing your brand will help with content creation

Business should have a brand persona on social media to create an identifiable presence on each platform that encapsulates the tone of their messaging.

8. Be aware of the platform algorithm

The social media algorithm is ever-changing, so it is important to remain on top of when and how the algorithm changes to see which type of posts are emphasized more on the channel.


A brand should remain aware of trending news, relatable memes, and other content. This can help a brand post relevant and timely content that their customers will connect with.

10. Establish a posting schedule

A posting schedule can help brands keep their posts organized, as well as help them stay on top of important company-related news or holidays. If the posts are scheduled and dispersed at the times their customers are on social media then that can lead to more views and potentially conversions.


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