Top 10 Takeaways from Class

Here are some key thoughts that I have compiled from my time in my social media communication class. 1.Everything posted will come back to you. Don’t take social media advice from this guy. 2. Social Media can have global impacts. Like the #bringbackourgirls campaign concerning the children kidnapped from Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram 3.Continue reading “Top 10 Takeaways from Class”

Big Momma’s – Hidden Gem

Emily Applegate, Mallory Johnson, and I spotlighted Big Momma’s Coffee on C-Street. We used my Twitter profile since it is the most active of all of us.     Tweets that didn’t seem self-serving towards the business garnered more attention like the Bach quote about coffee above. Earlier tweets also received more interaction, and itContinue reading “Big Momma’s – Hidden Gem”