Vivien Smith’s Top 10 Takeaways

Be authentic. No body likes fake people, so be real with what you’re posting. Don’t force it too much! 2. Sometimes its just best to take what you’re given! Use the in house analytics of each site, they are usually more accurate. Like Facebook analytics or Tweetdeck! 3. Before you post ask “WWJD?”. Just kidding…askContinue reading “Vivien Smith’s Top 10 Takeaways”

Potter’s House; A Hidden Gem

  Madi Johnson, Laramy Hankins and Vivien Smith. Our group, #teamcoffee, chose to show off the hidden gem, Potter’s House. We used Laramy’s Twitter account to create buzz about the coffee shop through varied kinds of tweets, from regular text to pictures to polls. Our goal was to promote the coffee shop and inspire them to visit it with enticingContinue reading “Potter’s House; A Hidden Gem”