Ben Paris


MyAun Boyd’s Listicle

  1. Get ‘Reel’

Recently, video-centric social posts have gained popularity among social media consumers. Instagram Reels are quick clips that can be used to show off your brand and can help bring more awareness to your business. Currently, reels are pushed more by the Instagram algorithm, and are able to increase your views and followers.

2. Let’s talk creator accounts.

Rather than starting a business account on Instagram to keep track of all your social media metrics, get a creator account. A creator account gives you access to the same social media metrics, while also giving access to trending sounds.

3. 80/20 Rule

On social media, only 20% of your content should promote your brand, products, or services. The other 80% of your content should solve problems and provide value. The content should contain ideas, information, inspiration, and fun.

4. On the Merry Round We Go: carousel posts are the new way to gain more views.

Using Carousel Posts on Instagram can help gain more views on your post. With the Instagram algorithm, if a person doesn’t swipe through all the carousel post, Instagram will put it back at the top of their home page causing them to see your post again.

5. From beginning to the end social listening for the win!

Prior to planning out your strategy for your social media channels, research how consumers are responding to your brand currently. Be sure to also monitor engagement and the status of your competitors. This practice of social listening should occur on a quarterly or monthly basis, and especially after social media campaigns. This helps your brand stay relevant.

6. Engagement is key

Social media creates an opportunity for brands and their customers to have a relationship. Customers are able to feel apart of the brand through these channels. To maintain a loyal relationship with customers be sure to engage with them: like their posts, like and respond to their comments, talk with them via the social media message boards, etc.

7. Personalizing your brand will help with content creation

Business should have a brand persona on social media to create an identifiable presence on each platform that encapsulates the tone of their messaging.

8. Be aware of the platform algorithm

The social media algorithm is ever-changing, so it is important to remain on top of when and how the algorithm changes to see which type of posts are emphasized more on the channel.


A brand should remain aware of trending news, relatable memes, and other content. This can help a brand post relevant and timely content that their customers will connect with.

10. Establish a posting schedule

A posting schedule can help brands keep their posts organized, as well as help them stay on top of important company-related news or holidays. If the posts are scheduled and dispersed at the times their customers are on social media then that can lead to more views and potentially conversions.

Jacob’s Top 10 Takeaways

1. Collaboration can often lead to better promotional opportunities.

Working with other creators to cross promote and share content is effective in not only helping your own content, but helping others’ as well. This is even more effective if they already have a large following, though it varies per person. The primary reason should lie within the initial connection made and not the promotion, but it is a nice bonus!

2. Posting spontaneously can yield good results!

While scheduling posts can be beneficial for posts leading up to certain releases or content, posting in the moment can show good results as well, especially if it lands on a holiday.

3. Vertical videos are effective.

While horizontal videos may be effective on the computer, more and more people are browsing on their mobile device, meaning that vertical videos naturally take up more space. Vertical music videos are becoming even more popular, as shown by Taylor Swift!

4. Not all engagement is good engagement.

While attention on a post may appear to be a good sign of growth, it could perhaps be for the wrong reasons. Making anything more controversial than it needs to be simply to gain attention is not the best strategy.

5. Behind the scenes content is important in keeping fans in the loop.

Posting videos and pictures of the studio or sessions behind the music can be a helpful way to give fans access that people may not otherwise see. Stories can give people an “exclusive” look as they are limited in time.

6. Paying attention to analytics over time is important.

Often times, looking at how previous posts did compared to newer posts can be helpful in knowing what works for the target audience.

7. Captions are important.

Even if the photo or video does not seem to need a caption, adding one could make all the difference in whether or not it gets engagement.

8. Comments are something to strive for.

While likes and shares are important, getting actual comments that engage with the content offer the best results as well as boosting the post itself on sites like Facebook.

9. Learning the algorithm can benefit the brand.

Knowing what type of content a platform likes will be beneficial to everyone involved, as it will gain you more engagement as well.

10. Authenticity is Key.

Overall, staying authentic and genuine in voice will grow a deeper connection with fans and followers, which will also build credibility on the brand. For me, I have tried to stay consistent with my voice and to appear it is all coming from me personally.

Josiah’s Top Ten Takeaways

1. Being creative with content is important.

Posting the same exact type of content can bore your audience. Spice it up! Brainstorm with the team to come up with new exciting ideas!

2. Good relationships drive a good page on social media.

Without a good relationship with your audience, you will have trouble gaining trust and admiration from them! Be friendly and trustworthy.

3. Authenticity is key.

If you aren’t being authentic with your audience, you’re doing it wrong!

4. Fun helps win followers over.

Who doesn’t like fun? If you have a good time, then so will your audience.

5. Listening to your audience helps you to engage better with them.

The more you listen, the more you learn!

6. Having a plan is key.

Going into it willy nilly will not get you as far as you want.

7. Promoting a post can help you reach more people.

Promotion puts more eyes on your page! This leads to more engagement.

8. Taking advantage of a holiday can boost a post.

Holidays are popular. Take advantage and wish your audience a merry Christmas.

9. Trying to find out what the audience helps your page grow.

Listen to the audience and watch your page grow.

10. Pictures almost always help posts get more attention.

People like looking at pictures. By posting pictures you will get more of an audience.

Shania Moore Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Know Your Audience 


Depending on who follows you and what type of persona you’re going for, your audience could vary. One of the most important things is to know your audience. When you know your audience you know better how to engage with them.

2. Stay On Top Of Trends


One of the best ways to keep up with and stay engaged with your audience is to stay on top of trends. The audience will relate even better to trends on social media and it can help you gain quite a few followers to build your community.

3. Be Concise 


Many people do not want to read a lot of words. It’s much better to have a few words with a great meaning than to stretch out a post that an audience has to read a lot of just to get the meaning out of it.

4. Video is One of the Best Types of Media to Post


Video itself is really engaging. It’s just much more interesting than a simple text or photo post and many people don’t mind to stop and watch videos especially if they are relatable. Utilizing video is a great way to get more engagement for your brand.

5. Take Advantage of Key Posting Times


One way to gain a lot more engagement for your brand, no matter what the content, is to post during key posting times. These times are generally early in the morning, or late in the evening when people are scrolling through social media. The more active your followers are at that time, the better.

6. Engage With Your Audience To Create Community


You can’t have community without engaging with your audience. One way to help build a community with your audience is to engage with them. Like their posts, comment on what they post, and they’re sure to return the favor. In this you start to gain true followers that know and appreciate your brand.

7. Teasing Content Can Create A Bigger Reaction


Teasing content is great because it gives the audience something to look forward to. If the audience knows more content is coming they are much more likely to be on the lookout for it and like it or comment on it.

8. Use Hashtags


Using hashtags is another way to get more attention for your brand. Hashtags allow your brand to be seen by people who may not be in your niche, or may be in your niche that don’t follow you. Using specific hashtags is a great way to increase your audience and build a bigger community.

9. Linked Posts Generate Attention


Facebook has recently changed, and linked posts are now a big strategy that any brand can use. Whether it’s linking to the brand’s website, or linking to something related to your brand, links generate a lot of attention.

10. Any Content Is Better Than A Text Post


Text posts are the norm, a lot of people use them on social media because they are quick and easy. However, text posts don’t feature any content. Almost everyone wants some sort of content with the text, whether it’s a link, a photo, or a video, utilizing some form of content in every post will help boost your posts.