Jacob’s Top 10 Takeaways

1. Collaboration can often lead to better promotional opportunities.

Working with other creators to cross promote and share content is effective in not only helping your own content, but helping others’ as well. This is even more effective if they already have a large following, though it varies per person. The primary reason should lie within the initial connection made and not the promotion, but it is a nice bonus!

2. Posting spontaneously can yield good results!

While scheduling posts can be beneficial for posts leading up to certain releases or content, posting in the moment can show good results as well, especially if it lands on a holiday.

3. Vertical videos are effective.

While horizontal videos may be effective on the computer, more and more people are browsing on their mobile device, meaning that vertical videos naturally take up more space. Vertical music videos are becoming even more popular, as shown by Taylor Swift!

4. Not all engagement is good engagement.

While attention on a post may appear to be a good sign of growth, it could perhaps be for the wrong reasons. Making anything more controversial than it needs to be simply to gain attention is not the best strategy.

5. Behind the scenes content is important in keeping fans in the loop.

Posting videos and pictures of the studio or sessions behind the music can be a helpful way to give fans access that people may not otherwise see. Stories can give people an “exclusive” look as they are limited in time.

6. Paying attention to analytics over time is important.

Often times, looking at how previous posts did compared to newer posts can be helpful in knowing what works for the target audience.

7. Captions are important.

Even if the photo or video does not seem to need a caption, adding one could make all the difference in whether or not it gets engagement.

8. Comments are something to strive for.

While likes and shares are important, getting actual comments that engage with the content offer the best results as well as boosting the post itself on sites like Facebook.

9. Learning the algorithm can benefit the brand.

Knowing what type of content a platform likes will be beneficial to everyone involved, as it will gain you more engagement as well.

10. Authenticity is Key.

Overall, staying authentic and genuine in voice will grow a deeper connection with fans and followers, which will also build credibility on the brand. For me, I have tried to stay consistent with my voice and to appear it is all coming from me personally.


Josiah’s Top Ten Takeaways

1. Being creative with content is important.

Posting the same exact type of content can bore your audience. Spice it up! Brainstorm with the team to come up with new exciting ideas!

2. Good relationships drive a good page on social media.

Without a good relationship with your audience, you will have trouble gaining trust and admiration from them! Be friendly and trustworthy.

3. Authenticity is key.

If you aren’t being authentic with your audience, you’re doing it wrong!

4. Fun helps win followers over.

Who doesn’t like fun? If you have a good time, then so will your audience.

5. Listening to your audience helps you to engage better with them.

The more you listen, the more you learn!

6. Having a plan is key.

Going into it willy nilly will not get you as far as you want.

7. Promoting a post can help you reach more people.

Promotion puts more eyes on your page! This leads to more engagement.

8. Taking advantage of a holiday can boost a post.

Holidays are popular. Take advantage and wish your audience a merry Christmas.

9. Trying to find out what the audience helps your page grow.

Listen to the audience and watch your page grow.

10. Pictures almost always help posts get more attention.

People like looking at pictures. By posting pictures you will get more of an audience.

Shania Moore Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Know Your Audience 


Depending on who follows you and what type of persona you’re going for, your audience could vary. One of the most important things is to know your audience. When you know your audience you know better how to engage with them.

2. Stay On Top Of Trends


One of the best ways to keep up with and stay engaged with your audience is to stay on top of trends. The audience will relate even better to trends on social media and it can help you gain quite a few followers to build your community.

3. Be Concise 


Many people do not want to read a lot of words. It’s much better to have a few words with a great meaning than to stretch out a post that an audience has to read a lot of just to get the meaning out of it.

4. Video is One of the Best Types of Media to Post


Video itself is really engaging. It’s just much more interesting than a simple text or photo post and many people don’t mind to stop and watch videos especially if they are relatable. Utilizing video is a great way to get more engagement for your brand.

5. Take Advantage of Key Posting Times


One way to gain a lot more engagement for your brand, no matter what the content, is to post during key posting times. These times are generally early in the morning, or late in the evening when people are scrolling through social media. The more active your followers are at that time, the better.

6. Engage With Your Audience To Create Community


You can’t have community without engaging with your audience. One way to help build a community with your audience is to engage with them. Like their posts, comment on what they post, and they’re sure to return the favor. In this you start to gain true followers that know and appreciate your brand.

7. Teasing Content Can Create A Bigger Reaction


Teasing content is great because it gives the audience something to look forward to. If the audience knows more content is coming they are much more likely to be on the lookout for it and like it or comment on it.

8. Use Hashtags


Using hashtags is another way to get more attention for your brand. Hashtags allow your brand to be seen by people who may not be in your niche, or may be in your niche that don’t follow you. Using specific hashtags is a great way to increase your audience and build a bigger community.

9. Linked Posts Generate Attention


Facebook has recently changed, and linked posts are now a big strategy that any brand can use. Whether it’s linking to the brand’s website, or linking to something related to your brand, links generate a lot of attention.

10. Any Content Is Better Than A Text Post


Text posts are the norm, a lot of people use them on social media because they are quick and easy. However, text posts don’t feature any content. Almost everyone wants some sort of content with the text, whether it’s a link, a photo, or a video, utilizing some form of content in every post will help boost your posts.

Morgan’s Top 10 Takeaways

1.Paying for advertising on Facebook versus other social media platforms can be very beneficial.

Facebook curates content based on its metric of relevance. This provides an opportunity for advertisers to take full advantage of the algorithm that facebook has. By paying for advertising content can be viewed longer.

2.Twitter is one of the hardest platforms to advertise on.

Anyone can post an advertisement on twitter; it does not have to be a business account. Twitter charges the advertiser based on the action taken. Because twitter does not have the same algorithm as facebook, advertisements can often get lost in tweets and be forgotten or unnoticed.

3.Use innovative ways to drive attention to content.

The key to effective advertising is posting content that people love. If people love dogs, then post content with dogs. It is wise to implement items or creatures that are positive; this derives positive views to one’s business.

4. Posting too much content too frequently can actually drive interactions away.

Statistics show that posting too much content on social media actually turns followers and viewers again. It is key to be strategic in when, what, and how much one posts in order to gain the most positive interaction.

5.Bulk posting through Hootsuite can be beneficial, however, some platforms are more effective when content is posted individually.

While Hootsuite does make peoples’ lives more efficient, some social media platforms actually do better when the post or content is created within the platform.

6.Some posts need time to be worked on. Speed is not always everything.

Posting content efficiently is important. However, if the content about to be posted is something individual and not a trend that will not be relevant, it is okay to take your time in creating the perfect caption.

7.Good things take time

It is important to remember that thousands of followers do not always come overnight. Analytics and a following can typically takes months to years to grow, so do not get discouraged if there is not substantial growth overnight.

8.Facebook has an algorithm. We know.

The new algorithm focuses on comments and sharing over likes and click throughs. Facebook is focusing more on user engagement than user viewing.

9. Hootsuite is cool.

Hootsuite is filled with several different benefits. There is bulk posting, campaigns, and it is great for team communication. This are only a few benefits, however Hootsuite is a great asset for companies.

10.As mentioned earlier, comments are more fun than likes on facebook.

People typically think that likes and followers are the most wanted aspects on facebook, however, they are wrong. Comments, comment reactions and replies, and shares are actually the most wanted because of their engagement.

Andrew’s Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Have an organizational vision
 parks and recreation parks and rec idea rob lowe lightbulb moment GIF

Having an organizational vision will allow you to stay on course. This organizational vision will guide the direction for you social media as well as being the foundation for you future social media goals.

2. Research. Research. Research.

investigating basketball wives GIF by VH1

Listening is the first step to running a successful social media page. Whether you are researching what other are saying about your specific business, your product, or your competitors, you are able to better understand the direction to take your social media pages.

3. Develop a strategic design.

george w bush strategy GIF

Implement specific goals, strategies, and tactics that align with your organizational vision and research. This allows you to use a developed plan to go along with the idea and the knowledge.

4. Monitor your social media.

season 5 episode 13 GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

Don’t forget to check your social media pages on a daily basis. By doing this you can respond to your audience, adapt to the changing landscape, and understand why your page has been successful or unsuccessful.

5. Evaluate

Evaluate your analytics. Check you stats. By doing so, you will better understand what type of posts worked the best, what times you should be posting, and what received the most attention. This will allow you to maximize your social media page to its full potential, and you will understand what didn’t work.

6. Focus on your competition.

will ferrell photo GIF by Talladega Nights

Learn what your competition is doing on social media. Study their strategies, so you can do it better. Find out what works for them and see if it works for you. Learn what larger competitors are doing on social media as well because it is likely they are bigger for a reason.

7. Photos/Videos work better

mean girls GIF

The algorithms on different social platforms often favor those post which contain photos or videos, SO POST PHOTOS AND VIDEOS MORE! Often “text only” posts can get lost in the timeline, so they reach less people. Photos and videos will be seen by more people giving you and your business more attention. Links work well too!

8. Allow influencers to advertise for you and your business.

aidy bryant influencer GIF by Saturday Night Live

Influencers on social media often have a wide reach. Meaning if they are able to promote your business you will be reaching a wide varying audience that you would normally not be able to reach. Influencers can give you more followers, likes, shares, and ATTENTION!

9. Create goals.

Phoebe Buffay Friends GIF

Create daily, achievable goals for you social media pages. This will keep you focused on the overall vision. This will also allow to progressively gain success on a daily basis. Eventually your daily goals will grow bigger and better.

10. Finally, develop a voice.

listen to me omg GIF

Develop an online voice that your audience enjoys and listens t. This involves developing a specific aesthetic for you or your business. Your audience will gain a better understanding of your goals, who you are, and what you want from them. Allow your online voice to be birthed out of you personality because then it will be more natural.

DeMareus’ Top 10 Takeaways

Build 2-way relationships that are mutually beneficial.

  • Social media is a platform that enables people to connect like they have never been able to before. Using social media to create and foster relationships that benefit both people or entities involved can create sustained success for your personal social media accounts and business pages as well.

connection gif


Your personal voice is a foundation of successful social media communication.

  • By being yourself on social media, you allow avenues for those 2-way relationships to be creating because you are curating content that is authentic and genuine, and this is what people want to see on their social media feeds. unique gif

Engage with others as you want to be engaged with.

  • Engaging with people on social media will undoubtedly cause people to want to engage with you. Liking, commenting and sharing other people’s posts will cause people to want to engage with your posts in the same manner as well, and again, this goes back to creating those 2-way relationships that drive brands’ success on social media.friends right gif

Build a community and not just a broadcast platform.

  • This also ties into the 2-way relationship takeaway, in that it shows that people should be looking to build communities and relationships on social media. Social media isn’t just a place for people to promote themselves, but it’s also an excellent way to connect with people who can influence you and make an impact on your life, and vice versa.

not broadcast platform gif

Thoughtfulness can make a difference in engagement.

  • Being thoughtful in what you post can create lasting effects on your social media profile. Posting content that your followers will be interested in will create engagements and interactions that can have a lasting impression on your followers, as opposed to just posting something meaningless in an effort to gain clout. thoughtfulness gif

Sports is an easy way for people to connect emotionally on social media.

  • Sports brings people from all types of different backgrounds together. With social media, sports brings people from all different types of backgrounds together instantly. Engaging with posts about your favorite sports team(s) can cause more engagements and traffic on your social media profile, and allows for relationships to be created with people you may have never connected with otherwise. sports fans gif

Facebook is still the largest social media platform…

  • Although it seems like no one but your grandma uses Facebook anymore, it is still the world’s number one social media platform. Being active and posting original content on Facebook allows you to reach the world’s biggest audience in terms of social media users. It is always beneficial to use platforms that allow you to reach as many people as possible. facebook gif

Speaking of Facebook…Video content is #1 on Facebook right now.

  • Video content is the #1 media content that Facebook promotes on people’s timeline’s (Facebook’s feeds are not in chronological order). Posting videos often, and vertical videos at that, allows for your profile to be viewed more than it would be if you posted a simple image or text post on Facebook. facebook video gif

Twitter is the least valuable platform for marketing purposes.

  • While posting a promotional video on Facebook may garner positive engagements and attention for you, doing the same thing on Twitter will not lead to the same type of success. Twitter is more useful for informational content, so staying away from marketing and promoting things on Twitter would be a good idea. twitter gif

Instagram stories are more engaging than actual Instagram posts.

  • Posting pictures on your Instagram story will lead to more people seeing it and interacting with it than if you were to post the same picture in a traditional Instagram post. Use this to your advantage and post original, thoughtful content that engages your followers and you should see success on your Instagram profile.instagram story gif

Makenna’s 10 Takeaway’s

  1. Relationships must be built before transactions are made.

The more you interact and grow relationships with your customer or followers both on and off the screen, the more they are apt to receive and but into your product!

2. Understand the persona of the organization, and identify the persona of the audience.

It is important to know and apply the persona of the brand and identify the persona of the audience on social media platforms so that you know best how to reach your audience but remain true to yourself.

3. The Golden Rule!: Engage with others as you would want to be engaged with.

The “Golden Rule” of social media is so important because she you engage with others it creates a mutual trust that has followers returning back to your brand because they feel like know you and can trust you!

4. Always have a call to action.

Including a call to action with your posts gets followers engaging with your brand.

5. Find your why!

It is important to know the “Why?” of your brand so you always have a standard and sense of identity to who you are and what you stand for. Knowing your “Why” will also help when determining what kinds of post to include on your platforms.

6. The best way to avoid trolls on the internet is to actively engage with the positive posts!

All trolls want is attention, so don’t give it to them! Engaging with the positivity on your platforms will defuse and make known what you want people to see.

7. Create content that is creative and pleasing to the eye.

In order to get the attention of others, it is important to have content that is eye catching and aesthetically pleasing! This can also establish a sense of professionalism to your brand.

8. Keep up with the trends!

Instagram stories are a great example of a trend that is heavily being used to engage and create relationships with customer’s/ followers. Keeping up with the trends will help your brand remain relevant and know what your audience is looking for.

9. Brand tagline’s are key!

Having a tagline makes your brand easy to identify to your audience!

10. Happy #Holidays!

Using hashtag holidays are a great way to keep up and engage with your audience. It keeps your content up to date (literally) and fun for your audience to follow.

Top 10 Takeaways

Developing your brand voice

  • This is how brands portray themselves, for instance we started posting for Architect coffee co, doing this has shown me how they developed their social media persona.


  • Using hashtags boots engagement, so when posting for Architect we used local coffee shops for reference or local hashtags which increased their followers.
Keeping your captions short and sweet
  • People don’t take time to sit and read a whole paragraph, keeping it short and sweet intrigues followers and allows space for a connection.

What times of day to post

  • Architects posts are normally during the day while every ones working or not on their phones, posting at around 9 is the most interaction.


  • Using the analytics setting on your Instagram shows what kind of people look at your posts and how many likes your posts average.

Utilizing Instagram stories

  • A lot of people just look at Instagram stories now instead of actually scrolling through their feed, Instagram Stories are a fun useful tool that businesses can use to boost their feed.

Setting goals for yourself

  • At the beginning before our partnership with Architect, we made a game plan for how many posts we were going to do a week and how many followers we were hoping to gain. Setting goals for yourself keeps you on track and gives you motivation to meet them.

Good quality links

  • Good quality links are helpful if you’re trying to sell a product. Customers want an easy access website to the product your advertising.


  • Different types of posts can boost engagement, utilizing the tools that Instagram provides, you can gain more follower interaction.

Finding your “why”

  • With every post we make we ask the question “why? What meaning does this post have?” Continuing to use this strategy should keep our feed relevant and interesting.

Jordan Page’s Top 10 Takeaways

1. Have a call to action today!

This is your brand’s opportunity to motivate your audience to take steps towards becoming a potential customer! Make sure that it gets your audience excited about your product or service!

2. #HashtagHolidays Work!

This is an awesome opportunity to engage with your audience, and come together over something relatable other then just your brand.

3. Engage Through the Comments!

Majority of platform algorithms react best when you ask your audience to engage through your comments, rather then your likes!

4. Tie to the Organizational Goal

This tip will allow your social media pages to be consistent and accurately represent your brand in every post and overall page.

5. Quality > Quantity

Don’t waste your audiences time with posts that do not say much, just for the sake of posting. If you’re going to post, make sure it is something that will add value!

6. Always include an image with a text post!

The time will come when you have to share a more informational post for your audience. Make sure to attach an image to better grab your readers eyes and increase the engagement.

7. Interaction is key!

An active page is a thriving page! Interacting with your audience allows for a new level of connection and can make them feel heard and important.

8. Videos!

Videos are the highest engaged post type and can add a lot to your social media platforms. They are no easy task, but usually have the biggest pay-off!

9. Schedule those posts!

Scheduling makes YOUR life so much easier! Making sure you post each day and at a specific time can add a lot of stress! Even when you do not have time or forget, scheduling your posts allows your page to still be thriving with your new posts!

10. Boosting Posts

Boosting posts allows you to decide a specific target audience and ultimately engage a more specific potential customer!