#1: Listening

As a brand, you need to do your homework, you need to develop research, discover data, and apply meaning. How a brand does all of these things is by listening to the community, the competition and possible influencers.

#2: Social Credibility

As a brand it is extremely important to your image and your trust worthiness to be honest and transparent with your community. Brands that mess up and our honest about it are held higher by their consumers than those that make a mistake and try to cover it up.

#3: Strategy

Strategy is one of the most important things a brand can do. A strategy helps you plan out content as well as know how to post the content that will be most beneficial to your brand and will get the most interaction from consumers.

#4: Community

The community of a brand are the supporters and biggest fans. They should be handled with much care in order to maintain their trust and loyalty in the brand.

#5: Persona

A brands persona should stay consistent across all platforms and mediums in order to maintain the trust of its community.

#6: Analytics

Analytics is how a brand finds out whats working and whats not working. How to improve upon what is working and how to completely change what is not working. It allows a brand to focus more efforts on the important things, and the possibility to weed out the weak parts.

#7: Video

Video is the most engaged medium on any social platform and brands should take advantage of this by incorporating it into their social strategies.

#8: Know Your Audience

It is crucial that a brand knows who their audience is so that it is easier for consumers to identify with the brand and intern are more connected and want to be a part of the brand.

#9: Content

Content on social media is not developed the same way as traditional media, it is instead user generated. User generated content is content that the consumers of your products create. An example of this would be a consumer of Coca Cola posting a picture of them self sipping on the beverage.

#10: Why Organizations Fail At Social Media

As a brand on social media you can’t constantly try to sell to your audience, instead brands should look to build relationships. Relationships are central to the success of a brand on social media. Connection drives action and people tend to do business with brands that they have key relationships with.

Courtney Wolfram Top 10 Takeaways

  1. S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
It’s important to use these objectives when working with company and their social media.

2. Social Media has a voice

Every brand has a specific persona and voice that they try to get across to their consumers.

3. Campaign Goals should be directed towards specific audiences

Campaign goals should be partnered with a strategic plan that is driven towards a purpose

4. Communication through social media should remain truthful and authentic at all times.

It’s important to remain authentic and understand social responsibility when it comes to posting on social media and running social media accounts.

5. Social Media efforts need to communicate and connect with a brand community

Social media campaigns have to be designed towards people and creating meaningful relationships between them.

6. Brands have to maintain Social Credibility

The public has a perception of each particular brand they are loyal to and if brands understand their social credibility that turns into brand loyalty.

7. Starting transparent coversations is what leads to greater engagement through social media.

Be transparent in how you speak on social media through your brand, social media is about building relationships.

8. Content Strategies are necessary in social media management

Knowing what you will post and why you are doing it is important in managing social media.

9. Identify what others businesses like yours do and learn from them

It’s important to use social listening as a tool in understanding what like minded businesses do in terms of social media, it’s good to learn from others.

10. A brand should always listen, seek to understand, and prepare meaningful communication with their brand community

The core component of social media will always be people: understanding and interacting with them in a meaningful way.

Top 10 Takeaways

Posting on social media must be strategy-driven.

Without a strategy, your social media posting will be aimless, thus not providing desired outcomes. Stick to a strategy!

People are attracted to social currency.

Make people feel special! People are attracted to whatever makes them look good. Give your followers exclusive info so you gain remarkability.

Build a community, not a broadcast platform.

Your goal is not to sell, but to build a relationship. It is not until after a relationship has been built that someone will want to buy from you.

Brand voice must be consistent.

Across all social platforms and posts, your brand voice should remain consistent. Define your persona and stick to it.

Videos win!

Overall, videos perform the best on social media. Graphics are key, and videos are king.

Engage with others as you want to be engaged with.

Engagement is not a one-way street. To be engaged with, you must first engage, and engage authentically!

Tell a story.

People love stories. Intend for your posts and presence to tell a story, which will encourage engagement.

People love insider info.

Whether it’s taking your followers behind the scenes or introducing celebrity takeovers, make your followers feel included by providing insider info.

Trustworthiness, authentic engagement and timely responsiveness contribute to credibility.

Your followers will take you seriously if you prove yourself/your brand trustworthy! You will be considered trustworthy by authentically engaging with your audience and responding in a timely manner. (24 hours max!)

Timing is everything.

Keep an eye out for analytics and trends, so you know when your posts will get the most engagement. Aim to post at times your followers are on social media to ensure they will see your post!