Top 5 Takeaways from Social Media Class

Top 5 Takeaways from Social Media Class Listicle By Caleb Jones 80-20 Rule Only 20% of your social media content should be your organization’s message. For every one thing you post about your organization, you should post four things from outside sources. Content Should be Goal Oriented All content, regardless of platform, should be centeredContinue reading “Top 5 Takeaways from Social Media Class”

10 Things To Know Listicle (Tyler Watzke)

1.Give info you want people to share 2. To get someone to go to a like use images 3. Do not spam your audience with too many posts 4. Snapchat can be used in an interview 5. You have control of your own message   6. Some companies use certain social media sites to reachContinue reading “10 Things To Know Listicle (Tyler Watzke)”

Allie’s 10 take aways from Social Media Class

Allie Swanson’s  Take Aways 1. You need to have social media as a means of communication in this day and age. 2. Most of the time…Short and Snappy Posts are better 3. Visual posts do very well as well because who doesn’t love a good ole sunset with puppies? 4. Females are more long term relationalContinue reading “Allie’s 10 take aways from Social Media Class”

Barbs 10 Take Aways FROM Social Media –

The combination of public relations with Social Media provides Harmony.    “The best kind of post for Facebook are recaps of the big events and content that ties it all together.” – Dustin Evans (Tweet) 3. Effective blogger relations can be boiled down to simple rules: Rule #1: Follow, Listen, Interact and Rule #2: BeContinue reading “Barbs 10 Take Aways FROM Social Media –”