Muzart – Top 10 Takeaways

1. The 80/20 rule: When running social media for a business, 80% of your posts should be about entertaining or helping your audience, and only 20% should be outright ads and promotions for your business. 2. People like posts with practical value. 3. Remarkability = social currency: your posts need a remarkability factor to stand outContinue reading “Muzart – Top 10 Takeaways”


Top 10 Takeaways: Katelyn Dennis

Hashtags are to help organize and guide, no more than 2 is necessary. Twitter is a great way to create a solid follower community. I didn’t have Twitter until this class. Be your own PR person. Watch what you post about. It says a lot about you. Don’t post only about yourself. SHARE I noticedContinue reading “Top 10 Takeaways: Katelyn Dennis”

Top 5 Takeaways – Elder Joe

In the world of Social Media you must have a target audience.   There are many forms of Social Media that can be used as platforms.  Using SoMe can help your Social Media presence. (Share, Optimize, Manage, Engage).  People will appreciate relationship more than your brand.  Your Analytics matter to show you your progress inContinue reading “Top 5 Takeaways – Elder Joe”