The Double-Edged Sword (Caleb Jones) Literary Review

Evangel Social Media Class

Article Reviewed: The Double-Edged Sword

A Literary Review of the Double Edged Sword

Caleb Jones

Evangel University

Ms. Melinda Booze

April 4, 2016


Electronic media, especially social media, has become a large part of the journalistic world. It has created new challenges for journalists. Finding a way to be approachable to an audience, but also maintain professionalism is key when using social media. Social media interaction has increased the relatability of journalists and has positively influenced the audience’s’ perception of them personally, but it has negatively affected the professional image of the journalists. Social media interaction has positives and negatives for today’s journalists, and a healthy balance is key to being successful at using social media for journalistic purposes.

A Literary Review of the Double-Edged Sword



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