Following Trending Topics (Peace Aisogun)

EVANGEL SOCIAL MEDIA CLASS Article Reviewed: Following Trending Topics   Abstract Social Media has slowly transitioned from a part of everyday life to a way of life. However, films that are made have been slow to reflect this. The author, David Crewe, tackles the why behind the what while depicting social media in modern dayContinue reading “Following Trending Topics (Peace Aisogun)”

Precarious Popularity: Facebook Drinking Photos (Lit Review, Donaldson)

Article Reviewed: Precarious Popularity: Facebook, Drinking Photos, the Attention Economy, and the Regime of the Branded Self  Abstract Precarious Popularity incorporates several different groups of young adults who use Facebook to illustrate people drinking and the implied self-based on their photos and posts. This literature article looks into different scenarios of why certain situations dealContinue reading “Precarious Popularity: Facebook Drinking Photos (Lit Review, Donaldson)”