Twitter and Sina Weibo

Twitter and Sina Weibo by Shania Moore and Blake Byers Relevant Links: Twitter brings Bookmarks to the web with a new design, now in testing Twitter is available in 33 languages, but its universal language is the emoji

Following Trending Topics (Peace Aisogun)

EVANGEL SOCIAL MEDIA CLASS Article Reviewed: Following Trending Topics   Abstract Social Media has slowly transitioned from a part of everyday life to a way of life. However, films that are made have been slow to reflect this. The author, David Crewe, tackles the why behind the what while depicting social media in modern dayContinue reading “Following Trending Topics (Peace Aisogun)”

Social Media and the Lawyer’s Evolving Duty of Technological Competence (Lit Review, Youngblood)

Article Reviewed: Social Media and the Lawyer’s Evolving Duty of Technological Competence Abstract Because of its continually growing popularity and widespread use, social media has become a prominent player and resource in recent lawsuits. Lawyers now not only have to make sure their clients are keeping up good appearances in public but also online through socialContinue reading “Social Media and the Lawyer’s Evolving Duty of Technological Competence (Lit Review, Youngblood)”


Article Reviewed: Publicly Private and Privately Public: Social Networking on YouTube     Abstract YouTube is a social medium that allows viewers to navigate through many genres of videos. Exploring YouTube and the use of private verse public videos this article examines aspects of being publicly private and privately public. Sharing material on YouTube can beContinue reading “PUBLICLY PRIVATE AND PRIVATELY PUBLIC: SOCIAL NETWORKING ON YOUTUBE (Lit Review, Watzke)”

Urban Social Media Demographics (Lit Review, Swanson)

Article Reviewed: Urban Social Media Demographics: An Exploration of Twitter Use in Major American Cities Abstract This article explores intersections between place, race/ethnicity, and gender amongst American Twitter users and makes an argument that studying the intensity of tweets provides insights into how and why particular groups tweet. Given recent events in American political life suchContinue reading “Urban Social Media Demographics (Lit Review, Swanson)”

WOM and Social Media (Lit Review, Johnson)

Article Reviewed: WOM and social media: Presaging future directions for research and practice Abstract The concept of word of mouth (WOM) has been a topic that has generated an increase in attention from many, especially in regards to the impact it has on brands through the use of social media.  Despite previous belief, this case studyContinue reading “WOM and Social Media (Lit Review, Johnson)”