Jordan Page’s Top 10 Takeaways

1. Have a call to action today!

This is your brand’s opportunity to motivate your audience to take steps towards becoming a potential customer! Make sure that it gets your audience excited about your product or service!

2. #HashtagHolidays Work!

This is an awesome opportunity to engage with your audience, and come together over something relatable other then just your brand.

3. Engage Through the Comments!

Majority of platform algorithms react best when you ask your audience to engage through your comments, rather then your likes!

4. Tie to the Organizational Goal

This tip will allow your social media pages to be consistent and accurately represent your brand in every post and overall page.

5. Quality > Quantity

Don’t waste your audiences time with posts that do not say much, just for the sake of posting. If you’re going to post, make sure it is something that will add value!

6. Always include an image with a text post!

The time will come when you have to share a more informational post for your audience. Make sure to attach an image to better grab your readers eyes and increase the engagement.

7. Interaction is key!

An active page is a thriving page! Interacting with your audience allows for a new level of connection and can make them feel heard and important.

8. Videos!

Videos are the highest engaged post type and can add a lot to your social media platforms. They are no easy task, but usually have the biggest pay-off!

9. Schedule those posts!

Scheduling makes YOUR life so much easier! Making sure you post each day and at a specific time can add a lot of stress! Even when you do not have time or forget, scheduling your posts allows your page to still be thriving with your new posts!

10. Boosting Posts

Boosting posts allows you to decide a specific target audience and ultimately engage a more specific potential customer!


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