Shania Moore Top 10 Takeaways

  1. Know Your Audience 


Depending on who follows you and what type of persona you’re going for, your audience could vary. One of the most important things is to know your audience. When you know your audience you know better how to engage with them.

2. Stay On Top Of Trends


One of the best ways to keep up with and stay engaged with your audience is to stay on top of trends. The audience will relate even better to trends on social media and it can help you gain quite a few followers to build your community.

3. Be Concise 


Many people do not want to read a lot of words. It’s much better to have a few words with a great meaning than to stretch out a post that an audience has to read a lot of just to get the meaning out of it.

4. Video is One of the Best Types of Media to Post


Video itself is really engaging. It’s just much more interesting than a simple text or photo post and many people don’t mind to stop and watch videos especially if they are relatable. Utilizing video is a great way to get more engagement for your brand.

5. Take Advantage of Key Posting Times


One way to gain a lot more engagement for your brand, no matter what the content, is to post during key posting times. These times are generally early in the morning, or late in the evening when people are scrolling through social media. The more active your followers are at that time, the better.

6. Engage With Your Audience To Create Community


You can’t have community without engaging with your audience. One way to help build a community with your audience is to engage with them. Like their posts, comment on what they post, and they’re sure to return the favor. In this you start to gain true followers that know and appreciate your brand.

7. Teasing Content Can Create A Bigger Reaction


Teasing content is great because it gives the audience something to look forward to. If the audience knows more content is coming they are much more likely to be on the lookout for it and like it or comment on it.

8. Use Hashtags


Using hashtags is another way to get more attention for your brand. Hashtags allow your brand to be seen by people who may not be in your niche, or may be in your niche that don’t follow you. Using specific hashtags is a great way to increase your audience and build a bigger community.

9. Linked Posts Generate Attention


Facebook has recently changed, and linked posts are now a big strategy that any brand can use. Whether it’s linking to the brand’s website, or linking to something related to your brand, links generate a lot of attention.

10. Any Content Is Better Than A Text Post


Text posts are the norm, a lot of people use them on social media because they are quick and easy. However, text posts don’t feature any content. Almost everyone wants some sort of content with the text, whether it’s a link, a photo, or a video, utilizing some form of content in every post will help boost your posts.


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